Welcome to the download page for the prometheus soundpack bundled with mush client!
Any questions, please mail Kendal Hamilton in game. With special thanks to Nyano for his work on the pack up to this point.

versions available

stable releases

version 4.0.3
created by: Nyano
sha 256 hash: f50f747234da67fc59613b98739d67f9e4aa6b5038a6f1f67ebbde9517dd0922
download link Use this link to download the full bundle note: this is the last version released by the previous developer and has a couple of bugs in it that are being worked out.
prrevious version version 4.0.1
Use this version if the current release fails for some reason. Note you can upgrade to v4.0.3 from this release. created by: Nyano
sha 256 hash: 79e046865ae005e4bc25072cf667fab1035c6bd740191e6f4146ff71fc3eaad8
download link
download version 4.0.1

development release

This is a development release, and may have bugs, and unstable code. You download it at your own risk.
sha256: 22239baf5eba4307c3c0d39357be15824135e241335be6a53781176963adc1da
last updated: 6:21AM eastern, July 31, 2020.
The download is based on commit 9d155e1e026b57cd6c2988db6ab0d6e742f402c4.
Please use this commit ID when referencing issues.
Note: if your unsure if you've got the latest pack, feel free to redownload.
download the latest development code